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People, man...

Thank GOD I have friends like ZeroSen, otherwise I'd lose faith in humanity.

Can't even say how many shitty, fake friends I have. Some of which only talk to me when they're bored or need some money, then others who speak sweet lies to my face while kissing my ass to be my friend again. To those people, fuck you, and your parents oughta learn you some manners.

On the other hand, thanks to some of my friends who really stuck by me the whole time, who aren't catty, backstabby, and are pretty damn humble even for being above me in certain ways; thanks for putting up with me through the harder times, it's very appreciated. C: I just wanna give those people a hug, believe me all the kindnesses will be repaid in full. You don't remind me how much "better you got it", social rank, or brag about yourself 24/7, you all just listened and spoke back to me, and that feels great, having a two-way convo rather than listen to an asspie brag about themselves. And I listened to your problems in return, no matter how long they dragged on.


I'm sorry, but first of all, I don't like his art. It's generic, and shallow. I think his SKILL is amazing, he blows me out of the water with his use of pen tool and great coloring job, but he puts it to waste with these stupid pinups. That, and with his tagline saying "My Art Sucks", he bitches and blocks people who compliment him; which makes him look like a bipolar attentionwhoring douchebag. 

I'm also tired of seeing his yiffy crap on my front page, and his zombie horde who fap after his crap and beg him for more. I can almost taste the ass burgers. And maybe I am just jelly, but of his use of photoshop.

If he thinks his art sucks, then I'll appease him with this truth. His art skill is amazing, but his content and personality... 
 *foghorn blows*

EDIT JULY 2012: Why am I targeting this dude? Because of his impact on the anthro-airplane community and 'tude. *not meant to rhyme*

1. He doesn't even know what aircraft he's drawing. Just generic jetplane girls gonna 'blow' their pilot away. The very least he can do is list an aircraft name. This just shows he's following a crowd and fetishizing cool things he likes (same with his skull animals.)

2. Attention whoreism saying "MY ART SUCKS" on the top of the page then yelling at anyone who compliments. If he didn't want an ego stroke then don't put that up!

3. Read his artist comments on his airplanes. If he's so embarrassed about putting up these boobplanetits, then why the hell is he posting them by the droves--in clubs, even? 

4. Rather than coming up with original concepts, he just sees what's interesting from his zombie horde followers and then draws it with boobs.

Dude, if you read this I'm not being a troll, I'm just kind of confused by your motives and slightly annoyed having repetitive artwork in my inbox to the point where I can't politely ignore it anymore. So unless you make some variety and/or stop acting like a horny tween I'm standing on this point.

Literature Roasting

Using this account to roast literature as well as post art. It's a shit ton of fun using macro images to make a point!

It's really easy to find this lit. I just type in "vore" on dA and find the creepiest shit I can find. Only problem is, I'm deathly afraid to even read half of this trite. I learned about some of the people into the fets, while in some vore groups I found some awesome friends with amazing art and great personality, the vast majority of people in these groups are the freakiest people I ever seen, not to mention the worst artists/literature people. (I found out when I drew cphages and found out about this oL fetish.)

No I ain't touchin' fanfiction.net. That place is yuck.

Prepare to see more! Cheers.


Hey guys, sorry about the cranky journals below! :D Now I know how to deal with stress a lot better, so don't expect any more rants!

I'll be posting up stuff about Cphages and stuff. As for the YMS account on dA, that will be for airplanes and previews if I do manage to make a blogger site. :D

Thank you to all my friends!


Lessons Learned in time and observation

Just shit I learned
  • Don't look forward to tomorrow; just do it today, because tomorrow is probably going to suck ass.
  • Days off suck when no one's around to enjoy it with.
  • When you have a beloved companion, cherish every minute--you never know when they're going to die.
  • Instead of running away, face problems head-on. Don't block an enemy from your account like a pussy, talk to them rationally.
  • Ignore trolls, they do it for laughs. Yelling at them makes you look like a retard. (I learned by observation).
  • Don't tell people your problems when you're angry or upset. Then people just run away.
  • Differentiate between a troll and someone telling you how to use common sense.
  • You can't be the boss of everything, you can't always get what you want.
  • Most good things you have to wait for---so pay that extra shipping fee and get that shit in two business days.
  • If you wait too long you'll probably die before the item gets there.
  • Problems should be nipped in the bud.
  • Grieving sucks, especially when it's not you, but rather the owner of the place you live in.
  • When your mother hits menopause, it's probably time to move out.
  • When you're in your mid-20s, you should probably know how to deal with problems on a mature level.
  • Furry websites are probably not the best places for young kids to make a reputation.
  • Always be cautious of people with mental oddities, they tend to hate you after you try to be nice to them.
  • People who only fantasize of you are shit.
  • Spend more time with your pets or else they'll hate you.
  • Pills are your friends.
  • Motivation is hard as hell.

I dunno I'll type some more later just shit I decided to list.

A First post

Hey you all! I'll be posting a lot of stuff here now, for updates on some of the shit between me and Zerosen2 on Deviantart!

Also, going to work on my SheezyArt account; been doing some music remixes and lol, hopefully if I can get my shriveled brain to work, come up with something without relying on a remix!

Peace out.


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